International Week

Teaching staff mobility – International Weeks

One of the most important components of implementation of Erasmus LLP in the Institute of Information and Book Studies are so called International Weeks.

They originated from events held as a part of international lecturers mobilities of TEMPUS JEP- 12165 project realized in our Institute through the years 1997-2001. At that time 3 Dutch teachers from Saxion Universities visited us twice with their courses – directed both to teachers and students.

Later on, from the year 2001 in close co-operation with Dutch and German teachers (Fachhochschule Hannover) we started to use the benefits of Socrates and then Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility to continue the tradition of running foreign language (English) short, intensive courses for our students.

And since we have been trying to co-ordinate all visits in one time we have started to call the event INTERNATIONAL WEEKS. Usually we organise these “weeks” in spring (April, May).

These were Peter Pettinga, Hans de Vries, Margriet de Vos (Saxion Universities) and Christa Rose Huthloff and Monika Massmeier (Fachhochschule Hannover) who visited us most frequently (with Peter, record holder, who has been lectured 10 years in turn in our Institute!)

Other Universities we have Erasmus bilateral agreement also joint this event: we were very glad to have here teachers from Sofia University, Bulgaria, Universite Lille 3, France, Vyssi Odborna Skola Informacnich Slużeb , Praha, Czech Republic.

All of them  are coming to us due to funding from Erasmus TSM programme: they run courses (5-10 hours) in English. Our students are credited (ECTS) for participation at these courses.

The programmes of the recent / selected International Weeks:


What International Weeks mean for us?

For students – new learning experience, getting acquainted with new style of teaching , learning new content, improving language skills .

For our lecturers – meeting foreign colleagues, possibility to compare different didactic approaches.

For Institute: the most important: having good friends – or officially speaking broadening  and enhancing international co-operation with other Erasmus Universities. It is also unique offer we could boast to our competitors form the other Polish Universities running information science programmes.

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